Dubai branch


The services available in our Dubai Branch for locals and international businesses

Payment Services


Our payments services help our customers to manage international money transfer across the world in seconds and accept payments for their business in 30+ currencies.

Deposit Services


Our custodial services take care of your money and assets .

Insurance Services

Take care

Nobody knows his future but we should take care of our family and our loved ones. We deliver solutions that can help you don’t worry about the future and guarantee for your business.

Credit Services

Invest in you

To grow your business you need money. We get you the money for your project across the World, not only at your home. We live in a global world. This is why we should think globally.

Securitization Services

Manage Cash Flow

Your business needs cash. That’s why you need to manage your cash flow. We offer tools for securitization projects and revolving securitization on the London Stock Exchange. You can access the tools that only banks have.

Wealth Managment

Grow your assets

Think about tomorrow. Grow your assets for your future generations with our wealth management services tailored for each needs.

Thanks to iSwiss we resolved our payment problems from Dubai. We encountered a mass of problems to send money from Dubai to Europe and we have filled tons of papers. Now we can forget all that.

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Ahmed Khan

Dubai office customer

Promenade and canal in Dubai Marina
Business team in Dubai

Environment Full of New Ideas.

We are waiting for you in our new Dubai Office. Let’s talk about your projects.

Private Office

Welcome to our privacy lounge where you can find all answers to your financial needs.

Multilanguage Team

We like to speak directly to our customers in their language. Our professional consultants are available to look for your personal needs.

Cash Deposit

You can deposit your cash in this office.

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