iSwiss lands in Bahrain, to the satisfaction of Sheikh Bin Khalifa

BAHRAIN – iSwiss inaugurates its offices in the Arab Emirate at the invitation of His Excellency Abdulaziz bin Duaij bin Khalifa, Sheikh of the ruling royal family. Through the iSwiss Dubai branch, the company has consolidated its presence in the Arab world, expanding the services provided to credit and securitisation.

“Despite the small size of the Emirate – comments Aleo Christopher, the Managing Director of iSwiss – the Sheikh has demonstrated an enormous demand for financial and payment services to and from Europe. A demand requested both by local oil companies and the emirate’s inhabitants, whose per capita income is higher than the European average”.

“Nowadays, local banks rely on extremely expensive correspondent banks to transfer payments to and from Europe – continues Aleo – as a result, the transfers are costly and tremendously slow. Thanks to the services of the iSwiss platform, customers in Bahrain can make immediate transfers for just a few euros throughout the entire SEPA area even from an app.”

iSwiss is the first Swiss financial company to open its doors in the Emirate. The foreseen services include payment, insurance and securitisation plus credit service. The latter is offered by iSwiss Credit, a group company that deals exclusively with credit, and is intended for SMEs and end consumers.

A small revolution, for the inhabitants of the Emirate, greeted with satisfaction by Sheikh Bin Khalifa who wanted to meet the CEO Aleo Christopher personally and who gave him an iSwiss MasterCard forged in precious metal with the emblem of the Emirate. “We are expecting you as a customer,” Aleo joked with Bin Khalifa.

Aleo Christopher also participated as a guest at the Sheikh Summit in Bahrain. This is the main meeting event between the reigning houses of the Gulf and the major international companies where they discussed the digitisation of the Gulf economy and the development of fintech services on the local market, among other things.

iSwiss Credit, after opening in Bahrain, is expected to land in Italy, Romania and Bulgaria where it will operate with local subsidiaries.

iSwiss offers innovative credit services to small and medium-sized companies and individuals, also working with customers under banking or excluded from the financial system.

“Every one of our clients is treated like the Sheikh of Bahrain – concludes Aleo – because all clients are equally important to us.”

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